Sharing learning and experience with Hong Kong director Hoi-fai Wu

Just before the pandemic hit Age Exchange began sharing practice and exchanging ideas for collaboration with the renowned Hong Kong Theatre Director and film maker Hoi-fai Wu, who is currently focusing his work on the subject of end of life care. Sadly David Savill Artistic Director of Age Exchange was unable to travel to Hong Kong to work with Fai. So instead Fai asked to record an interview with David to discuss his experience of reminiscence theatre, and the practice and ethics of reminiscence arts. The filmed interview will be used to support learning in the field of documentary theatre and end of life care in Hong Kong. It can be viewed here

An introduction about to the work of the renowned “Pants Theatre of Hong Kong

Pants Theatre Production with Hoi-fai Wu as the Artistic Director is an independent theatre company in Hong Kong, receiving a yearly grant from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. With a vigilant eye on the community and supported by rigorous research, Pants's theatrical endeavour is to create an artistic response to the human condition and make a powerful contribution to the society it serves striving to be a catalyst for social change. In recent years, it has put particular focus on documentary theatre. A recent major production can be found here

Since 2019, it has presented a series of programmes about end-of-life care, including workshops and theatre performances.

(The interview with David Savill of Age Exchange is to facilitate conversation between Hong Kong and UK theatre artists on applied theatre in care setting).