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Virtual Day Care Service - For People living with Dementia and Their Carers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Age Exchange started delivering the first of its reminiscence arts activity boxes to vulnerable people who cannot access support because of coronavirus on Saturday 28th March.

Age Exchange provides creative engagement and support to about 150 people with dementia and their carers every week. The team came up with the idea of the boxes when the charity had to close its doors earlier this month due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team carefully designed the contents to improve the mental health, mood and engagement of someone with dementia.

Without our services 150 people living with dementia and their carers will experience 3,600 hours of loneliness per day
For each month our services are closed 150 people living with dementia and their carers will experience 108,000 hours of loneliness
"Many people will miss friendships, fun, laughter, creativity and music." "I will struggle as to what to do with my parents."
If this continues for several months 150 people living with dementia and their carers will experience 324,000 hours of loneliness
"I live on my own; this group is the only one I have access to." "We will have nowhere to go."

Each box contains a fortnight’s activities including arts, crafts and quizzes. Around 150 people with dementia and their carers will have the boxes delivered to their homes as part of the virtual day care service which includes:

  • Reminiscence arts activity boxes: with everything needed to make a paper flower designed by a local artist; design your own coat of arms; a collage; quizzes; make a card, and more
  • Telephone befriending: two calls a week, with a light-touch mental health assessment
  • Singing and music appreciation: singing and movement classes have been filmed and will be sent by DVD to service users. The technology they find most accessible.

This service is already helping to improve the wellbeing of our service users during a foreseeable period of isolation and loneliness. We have already provided over 1920 minutes of wellbeing calls and, on 28th March we delivered our first activity boxes, but we need your help.

1920 minutes of wellbeing calls to 150 people living with dementia and their carers in the first week

Please donate now to help us to remind people living with dementia and their carers that they are not alone. 

For more information, please contact Rebecca Packwood

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Age Exchange's Virtual Day Care Service
Volunteers filling the activity boxes

30 March 2020

The Team at Age Exchange along with the Artists and Volunteers have been busily engaged in creating the first of our Activity and Visual Arts Pack.

These packs are designed to support those  participants who live with dementia and their carers who usually attend reminiscence arts sessions at AE.

The packs are designed to be used at home, in order to engage in creative activities, such as collage making, word search, jigsaws, reminiscence exercises.

We hope that the AE boxes will offer a whole range of meaningful and fun ideas.

We are missing all our friends and we are committed to reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness through positive engagement by whatever means possible.

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Reminiscence Arts

What is Reminiscence Arts? Reminiscence Arts is Age Exchange’s unique approach to working creatively. It is the creative exploration of memories.

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We offer a broad programme of training and support services for people and their carers living with dementia together with regular training and support for Reminiscence Arts Practitioners and community workers.

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