Dementia Action Week is a national event that sees the public coming together every May to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.

There are currently around 900,000 people with dementia in the UK. This is projected to reach 1.6 million people in the UK living with dementia in 2040. This sharp rise is due mainly to accelerated population ageing.

This year for Dementia Action Week, Age Exchange are committing to raising a minimum of £1,000 which could enable us to provide support to at least 10 more people living with dementia & their carers.

Age Exchange has supported people living with dementia and their carers for over 38 years through reminiscence arts and wellbeing projects. Our Caring Together Service provides opportunities for wellbeing activities, arts, socialising and peer to peer support for 150 people living with dementia and their carers through 10 different groups in Blackheath and Lambeth

The artwork in the café is part of the All Aboard project with the Royal Museums Greenwich. This project used stories of sea voyages contained in journals and diaries to inspire memories and creativity around the subject of travel and better connect with people living with dementia and their carers.

Please visit Age Exchange during this week to show your support and have a chat with our lovely staff and volunteers if you have any questions about dementia.

What could £1,000 help Age Exchange to achieve?

£1,000 could fund a whole day of Day Care for 35 people living with dementia & their carers

£1,000 could pay for 10 one-to-one support session delivered in the home

£1,000 could fund 50 afternoons of targeted dementia activities

£1,000 could pay for transport for 100 couples to attend group sessions

Make a donation today

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Welcome to Age Exchange

Age Exchange was founded in Blackheath in 1983, with the vision of harnessing the power of reminiscence to improve the health and wellbeing of people. The charity had a revolutionary idea – creativity and conversations can connect with people living with dementia in incredible ways and in doing so, change their lives for the better.

Whilst a person’s ability to communicate with words may decline with the development of dementia, art and creativity is a universal joy and a tool for self-expression that remains, even as the condition progresses.

The heart of a community

The founders of Age Exchange realised that people living with dementia still have much to contribute to society and they are very much part of our vibrant community in Blackheath.

Age Exchange is much more than a typical dementia care service. Age Exchange has something for everyone. Young and old alike. Our bustling community hub is a welcome space for a coffee, a chance to take part in an activity class or to volunteer in our library or not for profit café. It’s as much a home to mums and toddlers enjoying cakes and games in the café, as it is for families touched by dementia.

Age Exchange has been the heart of the community for almost 40 years and welcomes more than 180,000 visitors each year. Making everyone part of our community, Age Exchange is able to reduce the isolation so often associated with dementia. It is the non-clinical, warm and welcoming place that every community deserves.

Our goals

  • reducing isolation and loneliness
  • promoting intergenerational understanding
  • improving the quality of life and care for older people and those with dementia
  • supporting carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing

As a charity we rely on our incredible volunteers. Age Exchange promotes and supports active ageing by bringing people together.

Our unique approach to dementia intervention has an incredible impact of quality of life, helping people to rediscover their voice, their ability to dance or simply to have fun again.

Age Exchange has created many inspiring art projects across the generations. We work with schools, in neighbourhoods and with communities – anywhere there are stories that we can support, develop and protect for the future.

We offer specialist training and consultancy services to deliver our Reminiscence Arts practice in your workplace or community.

Reminiscence Arts

Reminiscence Arts is Age Exchange’s unique approach to working creatively. It is the creative exploration of memories.

Age Exchange provides a home for a variety of community activities, groups and classes enabling people to make friends and learn new skills. We also offer spaces for hire

The Exchange

The Exchange is an inspirational space in the centre of Blackheath with a café, a community library and a whole range of services. Plan your visit

Care and support

Our Caring Together Service supports people living with dementia and their carers improving their lives by using reminiscence and the arts.

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