All Aboard with the National Maritime Museum

Age Exchange has been working with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on a special project setting sail on a journey through memories of travel and adventure.

Our collaborative project “All Aboard” includes a series of reminiscences and creative arts activities inspired by the rarely seen travel journal collection at the National Maritime Museum (dating from the 17th to 20th centuries). Together we have been exploring the voyages of intrepid travellers, emigrants, and sailors, through a collection of multi-sensory resources, historic records, and creative activities.

By sharing their travel journal collection, the National Maritime Museum hopes to inspire people to share family stories of memorable journeys they have made, whether a holiday or for work or to live in a new land or even a journey of imagination.

As part of our “All Aboard” project with the National Maritime Museum people living with dementia and their carers will receive one of these boxes to experience and create activities over 10 weeks.

The All Aboard project begun in August and will run until October.