“Meeting in No Man’s Land” – Call for Participants


If you have within your family memories and history passed down to you from parents, grandparents or other family members who lived through or died during the First World War – if you can share either that experience or the legacy of how the war affected your family subsequently then please read on…….

Age Exchange the leading UK charity working in Reminiscence is looking for 12 British participants who can share their family history of the First World War, to travel with Age Exchange to Germany and spend 4 days meeting and exchanging family First World War histories with German participants who themselves carry their family history of the War. The exchange of histories and participants reflections on the legacy of the First World War will result in a documentary film to be screened in the UK and Germany, and also an educational programme for schools in the UK.

If you are interested in joining us and meeting German descendants to exchange your family story from the First World War then email David Savill, Artistic Director of Age Exchange at david.savill@age-exchange.org.uk or write to him at Age Exchange, 11 Blackheath Village, London SE3 9LA with an expression of interest and brief family background relating to The First World War, he will then contact you.

The visit to Rosenheim and Munich in Bavaria will take place between the 8-12 April 2016. We welcome your interest, but will have to choose only 12 from those who wish to take part. There will be other activities back here in the UK which you may also wish to take part in.

( The visit to Germany includes FREE flights, travel in Germany, and accommodation)

Read the project backround & press release HERE

Follow the project on twitter @NoMansLand2016 and www.age-exchange.org.uk

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