Introducing Preparing4Care – Personal Reference Guide

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Introducing Preparing4Care – Personal Reference Guide

​​Preparing4Care is at the forefront of driving innovation and person-centred support throughout the social care sector. This FREE service is a web-based personal reference guide that aims to record a person’s preferences and wishes earlier in their life.

In many cases, families, alongside care professionals, may be left in the difficult position of making decisions on behalf of a loved one who requires care and support, which may not truly reflect the person’s wishes.

By accessing Preparing4Care before the time comes for these decisions to be made, care providers and other partners can deliver truly person-centred support – particularly for people who are living with dementia.

The Preparing4Care tool assesses preferences on a huge range of factors in a person’s lifestyle, such as food, entertainment, clothes, hobbies, relaxation preferences and much more. By understanding these wishes at an early stage, the aim is to avoid premature access to social care by making people feel comfortable in their own homes for longer.

By 2023, it’s estimated that there’ll be a £4.4billion funding gap in the social care sector in the UK, compounded by closures and cuts that mean the sector is already struggling to meet demand. To this end, providers must consider solutions that help to reduce costs while improving the quality of support they provide.

The wealth of information provided by Preparing4Care can support the sector to do this, both by allowing people to stay at home for longer and improving the quality of the care received later in life, and in turn reduce wastage and turnover costs significantly.

Preparing4Care aligns with the Age Exchange model of dementia support by encouraging families to play a really active role in the care and support of their loved ones.

Family members and care professionals can use the information provided by Preparing4Care to develop a deeper understanding of their loved one, providing extra support during times of change and help improve quality of life.

Mark Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Community Integrated Care says “The Preparing4Care platform represents a ground-breaking solution to a problem that we, as a care provider, see every single day. At the core of our values is the aim to deliver incredible person-centred support – this platform enables us to create truly personalised care plans that can really make a big difference.”

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