Due to Covid-19 all training is now available virtually.  If you wish to enquire about in-house training and are able to provide a Covid secure environment then face to face training is still available.

Consultancy Services

Our services include:

  • Improving engagement and person centred care for people with dementia through reminiscence and the arts
  • Reminiscence projects to preserve heritage
  • Intergenerational projects to support communities in regeneration schemes
  • Creating communities in extra care schemes
  • Interventions to improve the wellbeing of people with dementia
  • Training programmes to improve communication with older people especially those with dementia and to develop skills and knowledge in reminiscence and intergenerational work
  • Working with museums, libraries and archives to develop reminiscence skills to improve audience engagement

Training and Learning

We provide high quality training in the field of Reminiscence Arts practice in the community, independent living schemes, extra care schemes, libraries and museums. We draw on best practice, research and 30 years experience delivery. Previous customers have included South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, St Thomas’ Hospital, L&Q Housing, Combat Stress, Leonard Cheshire and cultural engine.

Training opportunities cover

  1. Interviewing techniques for heritage and reminiscence projects
  2. How to run a Reminiscence group
  3. How to make your own reminiscence resources
  4. Reminiscence and intergenerational theatre
  5. Best practice for interviewing older people with wartime memories

We have developed a unique and creative dementia care training programme in Reminiscence Arts methodology for staff teams and dementia care service providers – the provision of independently assessed unique dementia intervention using Reminiscence Arts practice.

If you are interested in discussing your learning requirements and how Age Exchange can help please e-mail and one of our team will get in touch.