Arts projects

We bring people together

Our high quality intergenerational story telling projects bring together young and old across generations to explore shared feelings of isolation, to celebrate our shared heritages and to become stronger together.

We have over 30 years working in the creative arts with communities so as to promote understanding and support Individuals to enhance and develop new skills. Over the decades we have built a gallery of work with thousands of people, working in schools, in community centres and in our own theatre.

Combat Stress 100

When ABC Nursery came to Hazelhurst

Creative Journeys

Positive Ageing

Reminiscence Journeys

A Way with Words


A Home Fit for Heroes

A Friendly Society - Kiln Theatre with Age Exchange

Hearts and Minds

Meeting in No Mans Land

A Movement of Ordinary People

Remembering Your East End

The Goldington Street Gang

Paddling to the Palais

Creative Ageing


Bermondsey Girl

The People's Story

This Happy Breed

Politics and Bread & Butter

Road Scholar US and Age Exchange Theatre Project

Creative Memories

Children of the Great War

Elders in Our Care

Stories of My Life

A Load of Clobber

The Cruel Sea

Delivering Dignity

Children of the Great War (Essex and Hertfordshire Universities)

Maritime History of Leigh-on-Sea

Age Exchange Virtual Gallery

All Aboard project at National Maritime Museum