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Are you looking to bring joy into people's lives during this difficult time? We are all looking for ways to keep brains and bodies active. During ‘lockdown’, many people living with dementia and their carers, are even more isolated than before.

Age Exchange have thrown a creative lifeline by delivering boxes of activities to over 150 people living in the community or in care homes

We use creative reminiscence as a tool to help people to value their lives and to remember and celebrate the rich experiences they have had over a lifetime.

Boxes of joy

Our monthly boxes contain a selection of easy-to-deliver, reminiscence arts based activities, with colourful non-toxic materials and friendly, clear instructions. Our Reminiscence Arts Practitioners have designed the activities to stimulate memory and inspire story-sharing, with themes such as Armchair Travel. They have been inspired by places and sensory experiences around the world: lavender from Provence, Dutch flower painting, the parrots of Costa Rica and much more. It doesn’t matter if people have visited these places, seen them on television, or know nothing about them - because each activity has links to people’s own experiences - for example, we can talk about pet birds, walks in nature or favourite colours and scents.

So sit back and let Armchair Journeys take you back to places you have travelled to or fond memories of where you and your loved one grew up.

Age Exchange provides creative engagement and support to about 150 people with dementia and their carers every week. The team came up with the idea of the boxes when the charity had to close its doors when the pandemic hit. The team carefully designed the contents to improve the mental health, mood and engagement of someone with dementia.

Each box contains 14 creative activities including arts, crafts, music and reminiscence. Around 150 people with dementia and their carers will have the boxes delivered to their homes as part of the virtual day care service. This service is helping to improve the wellbeing of our service users during a foreseeable period of isolation and loneliness. We now have a range of different themed boxes to choose from including Inside Outside, Summer, Pictures at an Exhibition and most recently Make 'em Laugh!

Our Activity Boxes are now available to order in our shop.

Age Exchange Gallery

We are delighted to have launched the new Age Exchange Gallery. Our virtual gallery has been created so we can show you the wonderful art works the many participants of our services have created since March 2020 using and inspired by our activity boxes.

Music and exercise classes

In addition to our activity boxes our Sing Out! singing and Chair based movement classes have been filmed and turned into DVDs that can be bought in our shop

What is inside one of our boxes?

1) Warm up exercise with Ball
2) World Map – art and reminiscence activity
3) Take a Line for a Walk – art and reminiscence activity
4) Decorate a Lavender Bag – sensory art activity
5) Make your own Flower Arrangement – art activity
6) Perching a Parrot – art activity
7) Colour a Mandala – art activity
8) Many places many faces – art and reminiscence activity
9) Map of Days, Your Map Your Life – art and reminiscence activity
10) Design a Rainbow for the NHS – art activity
11) “On the trail of the Lonesome Pine” – singing activity

From our Armchair Journeys activity box

Where can I order my own activity box?

Buy a reminiscence arts activity box £25 each

Buy our dance and movement exercise DVD £10 each

Buy our Sing Out! music class DVD £10 each

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