New: Age Exchange Day Care Service launches November 2016, Volunteers needed

We are looking for people to give their time and their talents to Age Exchange’s new Day Care Service, which provides groups and 1:1 sessions for older people, those living with dementia and their carers.
Age Exchange project volunteers support our project workers, who use reminiscence, creative, and sensory activities to engage group members, honouring their life experiences and valuing their individuality. We work in a person-centred way with people and may use music, movement, art, craft, games, handling objects, film, discussions, sharing and other means to work with memory.

Some guiding principles to help you understand our approach:
• Including everyone; volunteers are in a very good position to notice those who are not so involved and move to work alongside them.
• We aim to enable individuals to make their own choices, rather than deciding or doing things for them. This preserves dignity and supports people to be as independent as they can be. We also work with carers expert knowledge to understand how best to help the person receiving care.
• All contributions are viewed as equally valuable whether you are assisting with setting up, making teas & coffees, chatting to someone or assisting with activities.
• We believe communication is always possible, whether this is by talking or for those who have lost the ability to converse through non-verbal gestures, appropriate touch.
• Make adjustments so participants are comfortable and everything is in reach for them.
• Keeping a relaxed atmosphere.

We encourage volunteers to get involved, ask questions, come to training sessions and enjoy themselves. If you are interested, please contact Aga (project Coordinator) or call us on 020 8318 9105
Warm wishes,
Day Care Team