Kaleidoscope Cafe

Kaleidoscope Cafe

10.30am-12.30pm in the Bakehouse

A creative activities group for under 65s living with young onset dementia.

Building confidence and sharing life experience and advice through enjoying reminiscence, visual arts and music.

Kaleidoscope Cafe is named in honour of three cultural icons that lived with forms of young-onset dementia: Rita Hayworth, the glamorous Hollywood actress, whose films include those that first began using Technicolor; flamboyant Sugar Ray Robinson the boxer; and Sir Terry Pratchett, renowned author whose fantastical Discworld series of books created a whole new realm.

All of our groups must be booked in advance.

£6 per attendee for either group. There is no additional cost for carers.

Would you like to join one of our groups?

If you would like to access any of these services please call us on 07729 107 520 or email dementia@age-exchange.org.uk