Blog about my work experience at Age Exchange

Written by Quinn

Tuesday 25/06/19

Over the time that I’ve been here (one day so far) the people have been friendly, and welcoming to me. There have been a lot of interesting things going on that I didn’t know could happen in Age Exchange, e.g. they have concerts and yoga lessons as well as dementia projects. When I came here when I was younger I didn’t notice that there was a back to Age Exchange. I thought that it was just the café and library and that’s it, so it’s nice to see that it’s bigger than I thought it would be, because it’s nice to see this small business (from when I was a child) expand over time. I also sat down with Gemma and had a meeting with customers which was nice to see because she was open and friendly to them about their needs and requests. I did A LOT of letter folding and mailing.

Wednesday 26/06/19

So this is blog 2 for the second day that I’m working here. Today I’ve done a lot of work with social media and designing things, e.g. we put up a poster to show off the Space Summer Reading Challenge. As well as taking over Instagram and Twitter with posts to show what’s going on in Age Exchange. I created a poster for my Age Exchange possible fundraising idea, which was dog walking as well as creating and an IG tour. The last thing I did before lunch was to sketch out the IG tour of the café quickly just to plan out what I’m doing.

Thursday 27/06/19

Blog number 3. So far I went out to look at opening signs for different stores and went around looking for an affordable one, but in the end instead of buying one I created one which took some sweet time because of the whole colour scheme stuff and sizing etc.  Once that was finished I laminated it and a few other things that needed to be laminated. Then we dropped off some stuff to the library and put up the opening times on the front door.

Friday 28/06/19

This is day 4. So today I scanned for 2 hours which was intense, I had two old men trying to hit me up with their grandsons which was interesting. The scanning was intense but it passed time so I could get lunch. After having lunch, I spent an hour in the café cleaning the dishes and cleaning up. Since I finished all the work I could do I got sent home earlier.

Monday 01/07/19

Day 5, start of week 2. To start off the day I finished my CV. I then went down to the café to design a toastie. My idea was the pizza toastie. We looked at the pricing for the foods and the total was 71p per sandwich. Once we looked at the prices then kitchen staff looked into ordering it, that was when I came back upstairs and started making a poster for the toastie which I made using Canva. Once that was done it was lunch, but after lunch I photocopied customer surveys and went around Age Exchange for people to take up. However, Gemma wanted me to talk to them in person, so I ended up talking to 11 people and getting 10 surveys back. I then wrote out all the results on Excel.

Tuesday 02/07/19

Day 6, to start off the morning my teacher came to see me and we had an hour meeting with her which pretty much took up my whole morning. Me and Gemma also went out and got ingredients for my toastie. So I made the toastie and it went really well, someone asked if they could buy it! I’m really happy about it, as I didn’t think it would be a big thing at all. I then worked at the front desk and since there were no calls I folded napkins instead.

Wednesday 03/07/19

This is day 7. Immediately as I came in there was a team meeting that lasted a while about what was going on, what were the goals and the current financial standing of Age Exchange. I worked in the library for an hour organising books which was kind of boring but the librarian (Pat) was nice.

Thursday 04/07/19

Day 8, this is my second to last day and for the first half of the day I spent in a meeting with the higher-ups and it was very statistical. It was a long meeting but it wasn’t too boring as it wasn’t just financial. They also talked about how I finish my work too fast, it’s a habit from managing other stuff e.g. music and sports. So tomorrow is my last day so I’m making sure that I’ve got everything ready for then. Idk (I didn’t know) that they’re really talkative in the office, I like it a lot.

Friday 05/07/19

This is the last day of work and today I’ll be giving a presentation and leaving at 12 something as it’s a half a day. I’m going to be finishing off my presentation today and getting ready to leave. I’ve really enjoyed working here as it’s a nice place to be and I think Gemma is really cool.