99 mile cycle, Devon coast to coast: why our CEO is facing this challenge solo

Our CEO takes on a behemoth fundraising endeavor, but why the grueling challenge?

“At the end of September I will be cycling 99 miles over 2 days from Ilfracombe to Plymouth, to raise funds for Age Exchange. 

“I say 99 miles, but with wrong turns and some bad map reading, it’s likely to be further. And that’s quite likely as I am doing this on my own. Why on my own? Well it makes it a little harder, but also more importantly many of the people we work with experience isolation and loneliness, so somehow it felt right to try and do this on my own.

“Loneliness can be devastating – 81% of unpaid carers report feeling lonely or isolated; carers who felt lonely were twice as likely to report worsening mental and physical health. Our work at Age Exchange attempts to tackle loneliness across the age groups. We know that being lonely makes a difference to your quality of life and your life expectancy.” – Rebecca Packwood, CEO, Age Exchange

If this sentiment resonates with you, you’re on the same page as Age Exchange each time we reiterate that nobody should be facing life feeling lonely, isolated or cut-off from community because life has changed. Age Exchange is here to provide a community for carers and cared for; those looking toward a life of rediscovered interests, passions and activity, through reminiscence, choice and creativity.  

Support Rebecca by visiting the BT MyDonate Page for The AGE EXCHANGE 99 MILE CYCLE DEVON COAST -COAST . Your donation will fuel positive change to our beloved beneficiaries.

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