Winter Warmer at Age Exchange goes down a treat!

Age Exchange was elated to receive an unexpected gift from two altruistic local residents, who put on a special Winter Warmer lunch this week, complete with magician and sophisticated party gifts for our service users.

Penny Nice and Hazel Smyth who contacted Age Exchange with the idea, say ‘supporting older people and their carers by funding a Winter Warmer party for 30 of Age Exchange beneficiaries is a pleasure, and we hope it will inspire many others to support the charity Age Exchange. A couple of Christmas’ ago we were impressed with an article by a women who had sponsored a lunch, for elderly people on their own, in her village. People who were left with just memories of happy Christmases of the past. It was the loneliness of their situations that really struck home.

‘This inspired us to do something positive in our neck of the woods! It seems so important today, with such huge problems in the NHS/Care System, that we all find some way of helping if we possibly can.

‘We knew we had to start somewhere so we contacted Age Exchange for ideas and inspiration. We explained that we wanted to do something along the lines of a special lunch party which enabled people to get together in a warm, friendly, safe environment. Sponsoring a ‘Winter Warmer’ at Age Exchange for older people and their carers seemed the perfect place to start. Everyone at Age Exchange thought this was a great idea and were very appreciative to have the support of local residents.

‘Rebecca (Packwood, CEO) and her terrific team have been so enthusiastic about our ideas, it’s been such a pleasure to work with them to bring this to fruition. It has been real a win-win situation for us; we hope it might inspire others to do something similar’.

In return, Rebecca Packwood said ‘Penny & Hazel have been extraordinarily generous in sponsoring this party. So many of our carer’s work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a bit of love and attention goes a long way to maintaining their health and wellbeing’.