Sharing lives

Florence (Floss) with Moira Riordan

Floss was diagnosed with vascular dementia following a stroke. Like many, the initial double whammy of dementia with the physical impact of the stroke left Floss unable to leave her bed and at times disorientated by the world around her. Her daughter Moira, who is the primary care giver for Floss, describes this period as their lowest point.

Floss and Moira are now part of Age Exchange’s Creative Carers programme. It’s a chance for carers and people living with dementia to get out and enjoy themselves.

‘I didn’t know what to do when mum lost her memory. I thought we had lost her, before we started with the Age Exchange we were isolated and lonely – these sessions have helped mum develop relationships outside, with her grandson, my nephew. Age Exchange has changed our life for the better’

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