Top tips to fundraising

1. Set up an online fundraising page at Virgin Donate

Great for all types of fundraising, especially sponsored events, setting up an online fundraising page is a quick and easy way to increase the amount you raise.

Visit this site to create your page.

• Remember to personalise your fundraising page with a message and photo. Tell people why you are doing it and how the money you raise will help. Always get someone generous to sponsor you first – a higher amount at the top may mean those who donate afterwards give more.

• Add the link to your email signature, Facebook page or Twitter account – and don’t be afraid to keep reminding people!

• Keep fundraising after your event. Around 20% of online donations come in after people finish their event, so send a final appeal once you’ve crossed the finish line!

2. Get sponsored

As well as online fundraising, we can also give you paper sponsorship forms to put up at work or in your gym, local church or community space. It’s worth keeping them with you at all times, as you never know who will want to sponsor you!

• Again, get someone generous to sponsor you first to increase your fundraising total.
• Don’t feel bad about asking everyone you know to sponsor you – be proud of your fundraising!

3. Get your employer involved

Many companies will be happy to offer a donation or even match the money you raise, so don’t be afraid to ask your employer whether they operate a matched giving scheme.

Age Exchange can send a letter confirming the amount you have raised if you need it.

Your work is also a great place to run a fundraising event, whether a dress down Friday, raffle or Coffee and Cake event. You could even ask them to make Age Exchange their Charity of the Year.

4. Make more with Gift Aid

Ask your sponsors/donors to Gift Aid their contribution, and you’ll add 25p per £1 onto your fundraised amount at no cost to you or your sponsor/donor.

Donations can be gift aided by the sponsor/donor completing a sponsorship form, Gift Aid envelope or Gift Aid Declaration Form. Please note: Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations from individuals. Money raised from activities such as raffles or tombolas cannot be gift-aided, nor donations received from companies.

Please click here for more information on Gift Aid.

5. Cover your costs

If you are organising an event or activity that has costs involved, then it makes sense to reduce them as much as possible by:

• asking your employer or local businesses to sponsor the event
• asking a company if they would hire out their premises for free or at a reduced rate
• asking local shops or restaurants to provide vouchers or gifts as prizes for a raffle

Let us know if you need a ‘Permission to Fundraise’ letter to use as proof that you are fundraising for Age Exchange.

6. Tell the world

Get as many people involved in your fundraising as you can, whether online or in person. Share your fundraising on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, tell colleagues, neighbours, family, friends and people from your local school, church or religious centre.

If you think you can get the local press involved, contact our press office (email to get advice and a template press release. You might want to blog for us too so get in touch.