The Kaleidoscope Cafe: New group for under 65’s living with young onset dementia

Why the Kaleidoscope Cafe?

The title of the group is in honour of three cultural icons that lived with forms of young-onset dementia: Rita Hayworth, the glamorous Hollywood actress, whose films include those that first began using Technicolor; flamboyant Sugar Ray Robinson the boxer; and Sir Terry Pratchett, renowned authour whose fantastical Discworld series of books created a whole new realm.

The group will be held once a month in the studio at Age Exchange, specifically for under 65’s living with young-onset dementia and those that provide care as family, friends, or staff. all welcome to join us for activities and support

Upcoming dates are:

March 17th

April 14th

May 12th

June 9th

11am-12.30pm in the Studio at Age Exchange


Aga Daldorph, Dementia Services Coordinator at Age Exchange

Telephone 020 8318 9105 or email

Kirsty Fisher, Lewisham MindCare

Telephone 020 3228 5960 or email