The Institute of Historical Research to host a seminar on “Meeting in No Man’s Land” film by Age Exchange – Here’s what you need to know…

Meeting in No Man’s Land, Age Exchange’s acclaimed Anglo/German First World War project from 2016, continues to inspire and engage – latterly at UCL, plus screenings of the original film are confirmed in Austria…

“Making Histories in No Man’s Land: Reflections on the First World War Commemorations of British and German descendants” will be co presented by Professor Mike Roper, Doctor Rachel Duffett, and David Savill, Artistic Director at Age Exchange. Here’s the link to the seminar page on IHR’s site.

The Institute of Historical Research at UCL (Senate House) on 28th February 5.30pm-7.30pm.

IHR, John S Cohen Room, N203, Second Floor, IHR, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Just turn up at reception on the day – you don’t need to book – and the person on the desk will direct you to the John S Cohen Room (N203)

Background to the event

In early 2016, Age Exchange’s Artistic Director collaborated with Rachel Duffett and Michael Roper from the University of Essex in hosting a five-day event in Bavaria, which explored the family legacies of the First World War among British and German descendants. In this seminar, we talk about our experience of bringing together family stories from across the national boundaries of ‘No Man’s Land’, and reflect on our experience as practitioners working across the boundaries of heritage and history.

Dieter Filsinger’s (German participant’s) Grandfather holding his father as a baby. Dieter is pictured above with Hilary, his British counterpart and fellow participant in Meeting in No Man’s Land, sharing this photo

Professor Michael Roper is a social and cultural historian of twentieth-century Britain based in the Sociology Department at the University of Essex. He is currently working on a Leverhulme Trust funded project about childhood and family legacies of the Great War in Britain, and a study of the War’s impact across three generations of his own family in Australia. He is a Co-investigator in the University of Hertfordshire’s AHRC/HLF Engagement Centre, ‘Everyday Lives in the First World War’, which funded the collaboration with Age Exchange.

Dr Rachel Duffett is a social and cultural historian of twentieth-century Britain based in the Sociology Department at the University of Essex. She has a particular interest in the material culture of the First World War and its legacies in the interwar years, and is a researcher in AHRC/HLF Centre, ‘Everyday Lives in the First World War’.

David Savill is the Artistic Director of Age Exchange, specializing in Reminiscence practice with older people in care and community settings. David joined Age Exchange in 1998 and his work with older people and with intergenerational groups has resulted in many theatre productions, exhibitions, documentary film, and most recently dance. David has lectured and presented on the work of Age Exchange at Universities and drama schools around the UK. He has also worked on various projects, productions, and conferences with partners in Germany, Poland, Ireland, and Australia.

Austria hosts “Meeting in No Man’s Land”

Two screenings of “Meeting in No Man’s Land” in Austria (Innsbruck) will take place, on the 14th of March and on Armistice Day this year, chosen by the Kino to commemorate the 100th anniversary. Thanks to our friend Elfriede, our Austrian contact responsible for making this possible!

Finally, Here is the link for the Austrian screenings

Age Exchange, January 2018