The AE team take on Parallel London 2017, in glorious colour

Another year and another triumph for Age Exchange at the world’s first/only fully-inclusive endurance event. Thanks immensely to all participants and supporters who turned out to make veritable Olympians of Team AE, an extended family of our colleagues and supporters. Our Day Care services coordinator, who completed an impressive 10K said:
“Age Exchange supports people who live with dementia and their carers in the most sensitive, creative and loving ways. I have been privileged to be involved in the project for the last year and have experienced the joy that the reminiscence arts bring to people from all walks of life united in the struggles of life with dementia. Singing, dancing, painting, chatting, eating together open up new doors, create new friendships, allow us to be happy and fulfilled. Dementia does not define those who attend the sessions. The whole person is who we see, accept and enjoy. My husband and I will be running a 10k and would appreciate your kind donations which will allow Age Exchange to continue delivering reminiscence arts sessions and to visit more people who live with dementia in their own homes. Thank you very much for your support! Peace and love XXX”

…And if you found that inspiring, you’ll be thrilled to know that It’s Not Too Late to Donate!