Dancing for pleasure and health


Gentle movement class (low impact work) that is based on 5Rhythms’ practice. I use a variety of music, changing rhythms but always with a beat so that you can move in your own way. There are no steps to learn so it is your own dance that can surface – whatever that might be. Mobility, flexibility and the ability to relax and enjoy are important ingredients in this practice. As a facilitator I bring no judgement to a class, just encouragement to move whatever you can.

“I fell in love with this movement work nearly 30 years ago and haven’t lost that sense of well being that it gives me,  it has always de-stressed me and given me so much pleasure.  In fact I am passionate about it as a way to stay mobile, to enjoy the company of others and I find it healing.”

“I love moving to music with others.”  

“For me it is remedial movement, it loosens me up and makes me feel more myself”  

“I have always loved dancing and finding my own steps feels so freeing” and “for me I find myself working things out as I move and sometimes really sense I have lightened the worries I have.” 

£7 / £6 Friends of Age Exchange