My work experience blog

Written by Yazmin

Day 1

I arrived at 10 o’clock in the morning and already the café was busy and booming with happy customers. I was then taken upstairs and introduced to the bookkeeping team who were very welcoming and helpful. I was taken on a tour and everywhere was filled with people talking and laughing. A few tasks were given to me to complete for the day, I had to evaluate the website and give my thoughts on what more could be added/changed, how to bring younger people in and what the age exchange does well and write my thoughts on PowerPoint. At 12 I had lunch and sat around. After lunch I came back up and started to finish my presentation and I started on this (my work experience at Age Exchange charity).

Day 2

I got here at 10am and went straight to the office to get started on continuing my presentation about the Age Exchange. At 11 I went to Sam down in the cafeteria part and wrote down a wrap that I would create and later in the week or next I will make when the ingredients have been ordered in. I came back to the office after around 30 mins to make a little ad on word to promote the wrap. In my wrap I have lettuce, cucumber, BBQ chicken, herby mayo and red peppers. At lunch I then went down to the café and got a toastie and sat around for the rest of my hour break and came back into the office room by 1 o’clock.

Day 3

On Wednesday I added some slides to my presentation and checked spelling and that all the sentences make sense and helped to organise a folder by hole-punching letter and important pieces of paper and putting them in the right sections.

Day 4

On Thursday I got in at 10, grabbed a bottle of water again and went straight up the stairs to log in the computer and complete the task for the day. After Wednesday’s activities with choosing the ingredients for the new wrap I made a poster to advertise the new wrap on a programme/website called Canva. My poster includes the price, a catchy slogan and everything inside the new wrap. The background is of a wrap.

Day 5

On Friday I came in at 10 and was given a bag of money from foreign places and I had to figure out where all the coins were from as the currency was from all over the word, with a piece of paper, a pen and a laptop I found where all of the coins were from. To find out I looked at the coin and looked for a place or country and on some coins it was obvious where it was from for example Canadian and Australian coins were easy to find as it stated the area; for other coins it was very hard as it was from small countries that aren’t regularly heard of or it was in another language like Arabic. Some unusual coins were from countries far away like Russia, Singapore and Dubai. I was then given all of the money that has been raised for the charity in pouches and I had to count and write down how much there was for each coin or note, for example there was a column that said 20p and in one of the cases there was £1.20 worth of twenty p’s. For each case I had to check that the written amount was correct and once all four were done I had to combine all of the amounts and write it down on a sheet that had a money chart. When it got to 12 o’clock I went on my hour lunch break and came back at 1 where I was then given a load of coins that I had to place in a money machine and sort out in bags of one type of coin that added up to a pound.

Day 6

I came in at 10 and helped out in the café doing cleaning and helping out with little tasks. I watched 20 minutes worth of health and safety videos too. After my lunch hour ended I came back into the office and updated my blog on my work experience at Age Exchange and then I also got started on my CV. On my CV I wrote about skills I have and have learnt and also small details about myself.