Creative Lives

Creative Lives was programme of Creative Activity and Reminiscence for Almshouse Residents of The Drapers’ Company in Greenwich

Age Exchange, funded by The Drapers’ Company, provided almshouse residents living in Queen Elizabeth College and Lambard House in Greenwich with a wide range of enjoyable reminiscence and creative activities, developed in line with their own interests, abilities, and heritage. The project consisted of 25 weekly 90 minute sessions for residents held in the Community Hall at QEC.

The sessions  included:

  • Thematic Reminiscence (based on residents’ backgrounds and interest utilizing our extensive artifact, photographic and archive film collection)
  • Visual Arts and Photography (an opportunity to revitalize old skills and learn new)
  • Music and Movement and Theatre (exploring reminiscence through performance

The sessions and chosen focus of activity were designed to lead to a series of possible outcomes. These might include: an exhibition based on residents lives and family histories, a reminiscence performance with music and storytelling, a short film documentary again with a focus on the residents and their lives at QEC. The outcome/production that would be the result of the activity sessions would enable friends and family, and the local community, to enjoy the residents’ creativity and reminiscences at a public event held at QEC and our theatre at Age Exchange.

The programme was designed to measurably benefit residents in the following ways:

  • Improve levels of well-being and self confidence
  • Enable the residents to learn new creative skills as well as rediscover old ones
  • Keep residents fit and independent for longer
  • Support residents with dementia or disability in participating and enjoying activity
  • Increase levels of positive interaction between residents – reduce feelings of loneliness
  • Provide enjoyment on many levels