Dynamic and Restorative flow with Blackheath Yoga

Bakehouse Theatre, Age Exchange

Dynamic Flow with Blackheath Yoga

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequence suitable if you have some mat based yoga experience (or fit beginners!). Each week we will focus on different aspects of practice while always emphasising safe alignment, linking movement and breath and offering modifications throughout to make the class accessible and fun for everyone. Each class will feature standing and seated asana poses that equally build strength as well as improve mobility. Expect to work hard but also to let go during the guided relaxation at the end of the class.

Bakehouse Theatre, Age Exchange

Restorative Flow with Blackheath Yoga

Suitable for all levels. Restore and re-energise with a calming flowing sequence exploring different aspects of our practice each week. Ideal for yogis that are looking for a more gentle and restorative class, beginners as well as yogis practising with injuries. The class will be slower paced, centering on breath, body and mind and finish with extended relaxation, supported by yoga props and bolsters.

£12 (Friends of Age Exchange £11)