Bounce Forward!

Age Exchange and White Water Group are excited to announce Bounce Forward!

A series of 3 interactive Zoom workshops on becoming stronger and happier post pandemic.

A timely, expert, highly relevant series of workshops about life post-COVID.

The creator and presenter of Bounce Forward! is Averil Leimon.

Averil has been voted one of the top ten coaches in the UK. She is a clinical psychologist and author of 5 books. Her coaching work is typically with high-profile institutions like banks, financial services, the oil industry and the BBC. Averil is a director of the White Water Group.

In Bounce Forward! Averil is giving her services free to Age Exchange. Age Exchange is the national centre for Reminiscence Arts and dementia intervention. The charity helps people live well with dementia and helps reduce isolation and loneliness in older people.

Age Exchange and White Water Group invite you to invest in your future!

For an individual, the fee is £15 for each of the three interactive zoom workshops. Or £30 for all three.

If you're a company, and would like to use Bounce Forward! with your employees, we can discuss group rates.

All fees go direct to Age Exchange, so you can pay as much as you like!

Bounce Forward! What's it all about?

Workshop 1              
How do we move forward well?          
Wednesday 17 February 2021, 5pm to 6.30pm

We could never have foreseen all that we have been through during Covid. Some people have suffered much more than others.  But we have all been impacted by isolation, restriction, fear and anxiety and in many cases much worse.

The usual British ‘I’m fine’ doesn’t tell the real story. This sort of 'denial'  isn’t good for us.  Neither is wallowing in misery and regret. So, in this first session Averil will look at moving on through optimism and humour.

Workshop 2
Bounce Back or Bounce Forward?                  
Wednesday 24 February 2021, 5pm to 6.30pm

We talk of getting back to normal. But to triumph over our Covid experiences we need to find ways of being even better than before. This session will celebrate personal strengths. Averil will look at how when one door closes, another opens.  She will encourage ruthless, strategic optimism in the face of adversity.

Workshop 3    
Living the Best Life              
Wednesday 3 March  2021, 5pm-6.30pm

How do we move forward to make our lives, our relationships, our community and our society better and more constructive after the exceptional circumstances of Covid? Positive psychology has much to teach us about this. Averil will guide us through it.

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