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Our Work
Our books provide a highly entertaining and educational way of exploring living memory. They are lively and easy to read, conversational in style and lavishly illustrated with photographs and line drawings of the time. The stories are told in the original words of the older people we have interviewed over the last 20 years, carefully edited to help the reader to a clear sense of the period under discussion and the personality of the speaker.

Please contact us for the current postage and packing cost and then send your cheque made out to Age Exchange with details of your chosen book. All queries regarding publications to
Creative Ageing
A Report on the National Creative Ageing Project 2002-2005

by Bernie Arigho

This report provides a full account of the 3-year Creative Ageing project. It outlines new, innovative ways of working creatively in care settings for older people, and gives examples of many ways of linking reminiscence successfully with the arts. Based on the findings from 10 reminiscence arts projects and 4 Creative Arts Residencies, leading to reminiscence theatre and documentary film productions, the report demonstrates the links between good working methods and positive outcomes for all concerned – older people, care staff, project workers and the wider public.

The projects took place in London, West Yorkshire, Norfolk and the West Country. As well as offering a national model of good practice in Reminiscence Work, this publication also presents a fascinating picture of reminiscence for older people around England at the start of the 21st century.

This book will be of particular interest to:
Health and Social Care Managers and staff
Family Carers
Health and Social Care Students
Voluntary Workers in care settings
Activities Organisers
Social Workers
Mental Health Nurses
Arts Psychotherapists
Museum Workers
Occupational Therapists
Community Artists
Oral Historians
History Teachers

82 pages, no photographs (A4) £10 + p+p
How To Help Reminiscing Go Well -
Principles of good practice in Reminiscence work

by Bernie Arigho

This booklet contains invaluable information and material for those who want to learn more about what reminiscence work is and provides supporting material for Age Exchange training courses.

12 pages (A4) £5 + p+p
Book Cover - Mapping Memories: Reminiscence with Etnic Minority Elders Mapping Memories: Reminiscence with Ethnic Minority Elders
Ed. Pam Schweitzer

A handsome new book just published by Age Exchange with financial support from the Community Fund. It features the lives of 24 elders who originate from the Caribbean, Africa, India and China. Researcher Meena Khatwa  spent a year interviewing people for the book and she says: “We heard the same concerns from the older people. “Why do you want to interview me? My life isn’t interesting. Who would want to hear my stories?” But, as she got to know the people, she says: “There was a genuine sense of contentment, excitement and at times feeling of sorrow in what was being revealed.”

Mapping Memories comprises a 220 x 190mm, 205 page book + a CD-ROM containing one 30-minute and one 20-minute film.

£15 + p+p       more about this project >
Book Cover - A Day at the Fair A Day At The Fair
Ed. Pam Schweitzer

A collection of hilarious memories of going to the fair on Bank Holidays in the I920s and 30s.

32 pages (A5) £1 + p+p

Book Cover - A Place to Stay A Place To Stay
Ed. Pam Schweitzer

A unique collection of reflections by elders from many ethnic groups who have settled in Britain. Their frank and often poignant stories re told in English and in the speakers’ original languages: Chinese, Hindi, Gujerati, Punjabi, Greek, Turkish, Polish and Italian.

64 pages (A4) £4 + p+p

Book Cover - A Time to Share A Time To Share
Ed. David Savill

Powerful Personal Stories for Teaching History and Citizenship - the book aims to provide schools with remarkable personal histories, inspiring in their own right, and enabling teachers to meet wide ranging learning objectives within the curriculum.

65 pages (A4) £9.95 + p+p

Book Cover - Goodnight Children Everywhere Goodnight Children Everywhere
Ed. Pam Schweitzer with Andy Andrews and Pat Fawcett

A remarkable collection of first hand experiences of evacuation in the Second World War. The contributors speak honestly, in many cases for the first time, about the upheaval they went through as children, illustrating their stories with letters they wrote at the time and the photos of themselves which were taken to send home to their parents. Over 250 superb photographs.

256 pages (A4 landscape) £15 + p+p

Book Cover - OnThe River On The River
Ed. Pam Schweitzer and Charles Wegner

The recollections of older Londoners who have lived by and worked on the River Thames. Their stories recapture the sense of bustle and industry when the river was London’s main thoroughfare and a crucial source of livelihood for thousands of families. The book contains over 100 full page photographs of the river in its heyday.

184 pages (A4 landscape) £15 + p+p

Book Cover - Our Lovely Hops Our Lovely Hops
Ed. Pam Schweitzer with Diane Hancock

Memories of hop-picking in Kent, plus over 100 delightful photos of work and play ‘down hopping’.

112 pages (A4) £7 + p+p

Book Cover - What Did You Do In The War, Mum? What Did You Do In The War, Mum?
Ed. Lorraine Hillon, Jane Moss and Pam Schweitzer

The story of women’s work and lives during the First and especially the Second World Wars. At this time, a whole new range of activities suddenly became open to women. This book tells how they coped.

72 pages (A4) £5 + p+p

Book Cover - When the Lights go on Again When the Lights Go On Again
compiled by Rob Davis and Pam Schweitzer

Older people from south London remember VE Day and rebuilding family life at the end of World War II.

52 pages (A5) £3 + p+p

Reminiscence Handbooks, Activity Packs & Posters

Book Cover - Age Exchanges Age Exchanges
by Pam Schweitzer

A handbook of reminiscence projects for children and older people to try together. Suggestions are offered as to how the activities described relate to the National Curriculum. All the ideas can be adapted for use in classrooms or community settings.

65 pages (A4) £7.50 + p+p

Book Cover - Reminiscence in Dementia Care Reminiscence in Dementia Care
Ed. Pam Schweitzer

Articles by international experts who came together at a conference in London organized by Age Exchange, promoting imaginative and humane approaches to dementia care using reminiscence and life review.

158 pages (A5) £9.95 + p+p

Book Cover - Reminiscing with People with Dementia Reminiscing with People with Dementia
by Errollyn Bruce, Sarah Hodgson and Pam Schweitzer

“This manual will give a new impetus to carers who are looking for positive ways to engage with those they care for.”  Dr Nori Graham, Chair, Alzheimers Disease International.

This new handbook for carers contains a wealth of practical ideas and suggestions for using reminiscence to enrich communication with people with dementia. It is illustrated with delightful photographs from the many European partners of Age Exchange who participated in this international dementia project.

104 pages (A4) - OUT OF PRINT

Book Cover - The Reminiscence Handbook The Reminiscence Handbook
by Caroline Osborn
Ed. Pam Schweitzer

“A splendidly practical ‘how to do it’ book which contains innumerable suggestions about how to encourage older people to recall their own past and to share their rich recollections with others.” Professor Faith Gibson, University of Ulster.

This manual is a must for those starting a reminiscence programme and looking for tried and tested ideas around key reminiscence themes.

104 pages (A4) - OUT OF PRINT

  Reminiscence Posters

Ten black and white posters (A2 size) showing everyday life in the 1920s and 30s. Ideal for homes, hospitals and schools.

£10 a set + p+p

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