Blackheath Christmas Fair – application for stall holders

The Friends of Age Exchange present their sixth
held in Blackheath Halls Lee Road Blackheath London SE3 9RQ

We have made several changes; PLEASE read through all the info before submitting…

The Friends of Age Exchange Committee is composed entirely of volunteers who throughout the year work tirelessly on many projects raising money. They support the vital work undertaken by Age Exchange
whose mission is to transform lives through reminiscence, improving health and wellbeing. Reducing isolation and loneliness, by running daily groups providing wide ranging activities for people with dementia and their carers, making home visits, working in the community, care homes, sheltered housing, with schools to enhance intergenerational understanding through drama, poetry and song. They also run a not-for-profit café and community library.

Our venue for the Blackheath Christmas Fair – the magnificent Blackheath Halls – is undergoing massive changes to their layout on the ground floor. Retractable staged seating is being installed, the stage flattened and altered in shape and the Bar and entry to the Great Hall will be radically different. Work commences at Easter and will be completed by October. The Recital Room this year will be solely for baby and child related gifts and activities.

There will be space for up to 45 sellers in Blackheath Halls.  We are sensitive to current financial hardships so rather than raise the cost of a pitch we ask for 5% of takings under £850 and 10% over £850. Your donation will be collected at the end of the fair. Public entrance to the fair will be raised to £2.50. 

We are looking for keen and engaging stallholders whose products are either made by them, designed and manufactured or bought in stock. Whilst we are delighted by local sellers we extend interest across the country and in 2017 had traders from Lincolnshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. Quality is paramount followed by price. Competition is fierce and we are always oversubscribed.

We expect good quality pictures of stock we can use for advertising and the active participation of stallholders following and promoting the fair across social media especially Twitter.

We run a well organised advertising campaign in schools, newspapers, online and across the community, with printed postcards delivered to 9,000 local residents, we have over 2,000 Followers on Twitter. Now in its sixth year the Blackheath Christmas Fair is eagerly anticipated by both visitors (3000+ in 2017) and stallholders.


It is a condition of trading you display your current Public Liability Insurance policy at the Fair. Those applying to sell food products (this includes jams, jellies, sauces, cakes and chocolates) will also need to submit a copy of the appropriate Food Hygiene licence. Whilst tasters and samples are encouraged, all food products must be sold packaged or in gift packs – not loose – as the venue, Blackheath Halls, prohibit the sale of food consumed on the premises, including outside on their forecourt. Helium filled balloons are also prohibited.

Successful applicants will be sent confirmation and an invoice by end of May which must be paid immediately by bank transfer or by cheque and proof of Public Liability Insurance must be sent in or the place is lost. Please note on this form if you’ll be away.
Our customers are mixed income, mainly local middle class, all ages, with others from Bromley, Beckenham, Dulwich and Eltham. Footfall is good, between 2,800 and 3,500


If, after paying, you have to cancel before 1st August 100% fee is returned; cancel in September and 50% fee is returned; cancel after 30 September no fee is returned.
We operate a Waiting List but only substitute like for like, so an artist cancelling would only be replaced by another artist, a cake maker by another cake supplier etc.

The deadline for applications to trade is TUESDAY 17th APRIL.

Completed forms with pictures of stock attached can be submitted here; hard copies are available from The Exchange information desk.


Blackheath Christmas Fair 2018


  • Please provide a link to your website or online selling platform, such as Etsy, here. Below you can enter details of any social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. If you do not have a website, enter N/A as this box is a required field
  • We will use your business' Facebook page as the main point of contact if you don't have a website

  • A brief outline of your business; there is space below for more details
  • If this is your first application and you have no website it's essential you attach or send us images of your stock including one of your table display. Please clearly number and label each image with YOUR trading name (not 'Christmas Fair') i.e.

  • THE GREAT HALL has a capacity of 1,000 people standing and 35 single space stalls which are all well lit. Those wanting to bring their own low voltage lighting please note - it must be PAT certified and will be tested on the day by Blackheath Halls technician, even if it is new. The Hall is marked out in a grid pattern with wide aisles. You apply for an EMPTY space/spaces, you can bring your own set up to fill that space or hire a table. THE RECITAL ROOM has space for 8 -10 single stalls selling BABY/CHILDREN’S gifts and will also hold activities. There is a lift as well as two sets of stairs to the first floor. Whatever you bring has to fit inside the space you book.
  • Please note that successful applicants will be sent conformation and an invoice by the end of May 2018; if you will be away for a significant period of time for holidays etc, please indicate the dates above.